Accent Modification

Accent Modification or Reduction is sought out by a non-native English speaker where English is a second language or by a native English speaker with a regional accent. I work with actors, as well as professionals in the corporate world and with persons in professions such as teachers, realtors, plumbers etc.; those with livelihoods where being completely understood is a necessity.

One’s own accent is deeply personal and tied to one’s own cultural heritage. Many of my clients prefer to keep this cultural identity but also need to be clearly understood by colleagues and friends. I have a three-month, weekly program using various techniques that, if followed, will reduce your accent to the point where you are cleanly understood. This program, which I also use with corporate clients, comprises a once a week session for 2 hours for 12 weeks. I can do this on site or at my studio.

Most of my acting clients are looking to acquire a Standard American Accent for auditions. Some just want to learn dialects to use and practice for audition pieces. Others are looking to permanently change their accent. All require the same learned set of skills but, of course, the choice to use a Standard American Accent everyday, all day, is up to you. As with any new skill it must be practiced habitually every day until it becomes a part of you. Until the “old habit” of speaking can be or has been replaced with a “new habit”.

I use a plethora of methods for teaching from many speech books, handouts, online tools and the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), though I initially like to ascertain how my private clients like to learn. Some are best with cerebral stimulation, books and handouts, while others like learning viscerally with the body/mind being stimulated at the same time. Again, this is very personal work and one needs to feel comfortable about how and what they are learning.

You can refer to this Phonetic website for additional information.

Everyone has the same musculature and articulators no matter where they are from. Different cultures and regions learn to produce sounds in a different way. Learning how American sounds are produced is 80% of the battle. Click the button below to see the organs of speech diagram.

Organs Of Speech

Fee: Private Session(s)
$75 an hour
$250 for 4-hour sessions if paid at one time

Call me at 818-319-2740 for Corporate Program Fees.