I teach the Colaianni Phonetic Pillow approach to learning IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet). However, I do combine some of Dudley Knight’s speech work into the learning process along with some basic fundamentals of Edith Skinner’s work.

For business clients who are looking for better articulation while giving presentations, lectures, etc., I use a plethora of drill books and many other different exercises depending on ones needs. Learning how sounds are made is much more important to a business client than learning IPA.

For more information on classes and private lessons please contact me at dialectsandvoice@yahoo.com or call me at 818-319-2740.

$75 an hour
$250 for 4-hour sessions if paid at one time

I also teach Dialect Design and Accent Modification, please see there separate pages for more information.

More pictures of Amy Sue teaching speech

IPA Pillows