“Amy Sue Fall has done transforming voice work with me. I have worked with her on a weekly basis for 1 1/2 years now, and have seen tremendous improvement in my speaking voice–its range, strength, and projection.

I began working with Amy Sue when I got a job teaching beginning ESL. I wasn’t used to 3-hour long classes in which the students were often unable to respond or participate because of a language barrier. I found myself tired with a strained voice at the end of class. Amy Sue showed me how to strengthen my voice and increase my confidence with breathing techniques, facial exercises involving the jaw and tongue, and, most importantly, an overall awareness of the physiology of how the voice works. She thoroughly understands the mechanics behind imparting a full, emotionally resonant voice. I am thrilled and privileged to benefit for her expertise.

I highly recommend Amy Sue Fall’s methods for anyone who wants to use their voice in a better, stronger, more confident way. Her mantra: “The most results with the least amount of effort” can help anyone develop a tireless voice.
Laura Brown – ESL Teacher, Pasadena CA

“The task of creating a consistent dialect world was monumental and Amy Sue did a terrific job. In addition to researching and teaching the dialect, she was masterful in her ability to speak to each actor in a language they both understood and felt positive about.”
Risa Brainin – Artistic Director, Shakespeare Santa Cruz

“Amy did a great deal of voice work for a production of Two Gentlemen of Verona…Specifically, she worked with voice production, diction, the play’s wonderful verse and word patterns, the meaning of Shakespeare’s vocabulary, and in the crucial area of joining the actors’ utterance with emotion, movement and gesture…Ms. Fall is clearly in command of the subject matter and came to the task with a large repertory of exercises with which to achieve the results I had requested…This she achieved admirably. None of these students have ever sounded as well as they did in this production.”
John Gronbeck-Tedesco – Associate Dean and Professor of Theatre, University of Kansas – Lawrence

“Amy Sue developed a reputation as a solid voice teacher…Our students responded well to her comments and seemed to appreciate her specific connection to the Linklater approach to voice.”
Joseph P. Price – Undergraduate Director, University of Missouri – Kansas City