I am an Associate Teacher of the Fitzmaurice Voicework® and have extensive training in the Linklater Progression. I have also studied the voice work of Patsy Rodenburg, Arthur Lessac and Cicely Berry.

I primarily teach Fitzmaurice Voicework®, however I find other exercises come in handy for some students. I use what works for the student/client. I am very open to following a students/clients needs and desires with what they want with their voice.

As human beings we have our mind, emotions, body and voice with which to work. I love focusing on the voice and how it is connected to the mind (impulse), emotions & body. The beginning of the process is self-awareness & self-evaluation. One must become aware of habits and patterns in ones breath, muscles, body and voice and know the distinction between those habits and ones unique, individual expressiveness. I will help strengthen awareness of intention and impulse as the proper controls of the voice. The first step is to breathe, really breathe.

For more information on classes and private lessons please contact me at dialectsandvoice@yahoo.com or call me at 818-319-2740.

$75 an hour
$250 for 4-hour sessions if paid at one time

More pictures of Amy Sue teaching voice

Amy Sue Fall & Catherine Fitzmaurice