I currently teach the following Voice and Speech Workshops.

Fitzmaurice Workshops – Fitzmaurice I or Fitzmaurice II

Linklater Workshops – Linklater I or Linklater II

Phonetics Workshops – Joy of Phonetics I or Joy of Phonetics II

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I produce the Methods Workshops.

In 2004, I was frantically looking for a better way to study different approaches or methods to voice and speech. I spent three weeks in London and then turned around and spent five days in Florida all the while living in Chicago. I needed to bring three Master teachers of one discipline together in one place for one week. So, the Methods Workshops was created.

Methods Workshops is a place where three Master teachers of one discipline can come together and teach their method for two consecutive days. Then at the end of the workshop come together to discuss their approach with each other and the participants. It has been a joyous adventure planning these events. Visit the website for Methods Workshops for more information.

Current Methods Workshop: To be announced

2005 Voice Methods Participants and Master Teachers